Small Blog, Big Income: One Niche Blogger’s 7 Step Success Formula

Learn how to make money from a blog without ads or hype – from a blogger who began earning six figures online when she had less than 2,000 subscribers!
Now, you can use the simple formula developed by multi-book author and top blogger Carol Tice—who earns over $500,000 a year from her multi-award-winning Make a Living Writing blog—to earn money from your blog.
What are the secrets of earning big with only a small blog audience? In this e-book, you will learn:– Why advice from the big blogging ‘gurus’ won’t work for you
– How to earn well from your first 1,000 blog subscribers
– The key steps to building a blog with BIG earning potential
– Easy ways to attract subscribers—and win their trust
– Blog-post writing tips that help you stand out from the crowd
– How to get mentors to help you grow your audience
– A foolproof system for creating hit products & services
– The low-stress way to price and sell your offerings
– BONUS: 3 Case Studies including “7 Steps to a $300,000 Product”
– BONUS: Small Blog, Big Income Workbook”

Community Review  

  • I have read numerous books on making money with my blog, I have haunted the blogs and media of leaders who were going to make me rich with their simple steps. I’ve paid for courses and listened to webinars and pod casts, yet here I am. Small blog. No income.
    This book is different from all the others and I see no reason for the step by step guide to not work. The plan makes sense.
    The following are some of the major differences between this book and the get rich fast plans from the past
    1. There is no call to throw everything out that you have done so far and start over and perfect with a bazillion followers waiting and anxious for your big launch day. I can take what I have, as pathetic and small as it is, and follow the steps and work toward a goal…with a plan. The baby does not get thrown out with the bath water!
    2. Writing is work. Carol presents a no nonsense approach to the fact that it is work. Forget sitting around waiting for the call to be loud enough or the inspiration to hit or the gift of writing to be opened. If I want to make money writing, I have to write and write better and smarter than those I am competing with. The book includes practical ways to do this… note…I don’t have to BE smarter… I have to WORK smarter.
    3. I can follow the instruction and wisdom in this book, I can understand the techniques and see how the formula for success works, and I can still purchase products from Carol without feeling manipulated or taken advantage of. I have taken several workshops and courses from get rich quick via your blog people and see the manipulation and schemes they teach me to use as they try to use the same schemes on me to sell me more material or coaching or whatever. Carols plan is very different in that she promotes integrity, work, excellence in products… not excellence in manipulation.
    There are more difference than I can list here, I have just started on implementing the beginning steps to success, but I expect to have a good outcome with the easy to follow formula (not so easy to do…be prepared to work). Her formula is proven and real
  • Carol Tice’s Small Blog, Big Income is as thorough as they come. This is not a curated list thrown together from everyone else’s writings. This is a blueprint taken from Carol’s own experience of developing a money-making blog. (One that grosses well into the 6 figures.)
    The book is loaded with solid information, links, and case studies. If you want to write whatever thoughts come to you today, this is not the book for you. Keep a journal, instead.
    But if you want solid advice on everything from choosing a blog title to marketing your blog, and are willing to do the work, buy the book to save yourself a lot of time and frustration. (And yes, there is work involved. Your money-making blog will require additional action beyond writing.)
    And one more thing. Carol is transparent and honest. How do I know? Because when I contacted her about joining her mastermind group of bloggers, she kindly but directly told me that my chosen niche was probably not going to generate income. And, by extension, I would get no value from the group. That’s right. She could have signed me up and watched me struggle, but she gently suggested that her group would not be in my best interest at this point in time. MY best interest? Yup, there are still client-focused, honest business people in the world.
    Buy her book. She’s the real deal.
  • Okay, I almost didn’t write this review. In just a very short time, Carol Tice’s book became my new secret weapon as a small biz owner. Seriously. I did not want to share it with others. My apologies for being selfish. This book is not just for bloggers or freelance writers, but for entrepreneurs, startups, Small Biz owners who are trying to figure out how to earn from their online work, via writing. Carol gives advice that can help you in almost any line of work. Sure, it is laser-focused on freelance writers and as someone who continues to work in that arena I appreciate it there, too. But the reality is Carol (and her many guest speakers and online training courses) give advice for small biz owners looking to get a leg up on the competition. I’m not an affiliate, but I should be — I recommend Carol’s work quite frequently because I know its wrong not to share… To your success.
  • Great book. Carol guides you through step by step what worked for her and what didn’t. Very insightful.
    While most of us will never achieve the status of “mega-blog”, this book will show you how to maximize the success and financial rewards from a small niche market.
    Carol shows you exactly what actions she took and the screen shots of the results she received. The book goes into detail on the thought process and steps to set up a blog that works. There is a lot of information contained in these pages, so much so that a re-read is definitely in order. You will find yourself scribbling madly on your “to-do” list and highlighting passage after passage. The “Top Tips” alone are worth the price!
    If you’re just starting or have a blog that isn’t performing up to your standards, I would highly recommend you purchase and study this book. If you’re serious about making your blog work for you, buy the book!
  • I love this book. I am just beginning my blog and I found the actionable tips and advice in Carol’s book to be more helpful than the monthly subscription I paid to a prominent bloggers closed community to learn successful blogging. I wish I had Small Blog, Big Income before I dumped $180 into that other place. Do your self a favor and order Small Blog, Big Income. It will be the very best investment you make in your blogging career.

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